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Tips for Choosing a New Water Heater

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When you are searching for a new water heating system for your home, there are a few things that you need to consider. You want to be certain that you purchase one that is energy efficient in order to reduce your costs.  The Round Rock Plumbers can help with any of your water heater needs, be it minor repairs, or full installs.

The first thing you need to look at is the type of fuel it uses. Whether it operates on gas or electricity will influence the cost of heating your water. This will depend in part on the energy systems you already have in your home, and the types you can install. For instance, your current hot water heater may operate on gas but, if electricity prices in your area are cheaper, you may wish to switch when installing a new water heater.

The size of the hot water tank is another matter. A smaller unit is fine for those who do not use much fuel while a large family will require more. Not only are showers a consideration, you also need to think about how much laundry will be done on a regular basis and whether or not you will be using an automatic dishwasher. There are also heating systems that heat water only when needed. These work well for families of all sizes.

Look at the energy star ratings for the models you are considering. Although those that conserve energy tend to be a bit more expensive, it will save you money in the long run. If you cannot afford the most efficient model, purchase the best one for your budget.

The cost itself is something you need to think about. Look into the various brands and models that are available. If you do not have a great deal of cash for a water heater, you may want to consider applying for a small amount of credit so that you can get a better one. Because this appliance will last for many years, influencing your energy bill during that time, the payback on the credit should be offset by reduced energy costs.

No matter what type of system you choose, remember also to find methods of water conservation for your home. This will also help you in saving money.

Essential Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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Depending on the quality of water, a water heater is expected to last between eight and twelve years. However, equipping yourself with essential maintenance tips will go a long way in extending the unit’s lifespan. There are numerous inexpensive and easy ways to not only enhance the longevity of your water heating unit, but also enhance its operating efficiency as well. Here are a few simple water heater maintenance DIY tips you can use to enhance the efficacy of your unit at home.

Flushing your tank regularly is a proven water heater maintenance technique. It is advisable to drain about a quarter of your tank’s water at least thrice a year to get rid of debris and sediments building up inside. To ensure that the water is not wasted, hook up a garden hose to the drain valve, channeling the water towards your plants. Do this until the water is clear from any debris. By doing so, you will also ensure that your water heating unit will operate quieter.

It is always advisable to carefully go through the unit’s manual, but for those who haven’t, maintain at least 2 feet of clearance around it unless stated otherwise. Also most units recommend that you adjust your unit’s thermostat to 120 degrees to avoid scalding.

Electric water heaters are fitted with safety devices referred to as pressure relief valves. They basically open and release pressure in case the water tank over-pressurizes to deter it from exploding. It is advisable to annually test this pressure relief valve by discharging it a number of times. Carefully keep an eye on it to identify if there are any leaks. This not only guarantees the smooth operation of your system, but also keeps you out of harm’s way. Follow the above water heater maintenance tips, to make your hot water less costly.

What You Need to Know about Tankless Water heaters

A tankless water heater is a system that produces when demanded, and doesn’t preheat water like other heaters do. These provide a convenient way of heating water — especially if only small amounts of hot water are needed. Most homes are switching to use this system as it helps cut down on energy costs.

If you are considering using a tankless water heater in your home or office, discussed below are a few factors you need to put into consideration.

Fuel: Tankless water heaters use two fuels to heat water; Gas and electricity. Whether gas fired or electricity powered, these water heaters serve their purpose very well. It all depends with what you prefer to use with your water heater. Unlike gas-fired water heaters, several considerations are needed to ensure an electric tankless water heater works perfectly. These include amperage, circuit breakers and available voltage for the same.

Demand: The demand for hot water in your house/office should dictate what system you purchase to serve this purpose. Smaller water heaters are mainly purposed for single point applications, while larger systems are applicable in multiple points. Some careful consideration is therefore needed when purchasing these systems. Both gas-fired and electric water heaters need different fixtures to ensure they work properly.

Application: This is closely related to the demand. Nonetheless, there are tankless water heater systems designed for single point application, while there are those that can support multiple applications. Larger more improved tankless systems however come with a thermostat that helps control water temperatures. This is especially important if the water has to run through long pipes to the point of delivery.

Putting these factors into careful consideration should help you find the best and practical tankless water system to use. Consider using these systems and get to save much on energy bills.

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